About Villa Joep

Villa Joep funds research in neuroblastoma, a devastating childhood cancer. Every year, 25 to 30 young children in the Netherlands are diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Their recovery rate is shockingly low. For children diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma, more than half will die despite intense and aggressive treatment.

Villa Joep wants to change that. We inspire and drive activities that lead to the eradication of neuroblastoma. As an influential spider-in-the-web, we connect families, practitioners and researchers to collectively do everything we can to ultimately defeat neuroblastoma.


Research at the heart

Villa Joep aims to cure all children of neuroblastoma. Everything we do contributes to this goal. We focus on research that will have the most impact for children, including clinical trials. A lot of money is needed to finance this complex and important medical research. Villa Joep is completely dependent on donations for this. We are proud to be able to give each donor the promise that every euro received will be fully spent on research into neuroblastoma.


Support for the families

Villa Joep has another, very important goal. We are here for the families affected by neuroblastoma. We bring fellow sufferers together and form a community of families who fight together, on behalf of their own child. About half of our volunteers have (had) neuroblastoma themselves. That is why they are the right people to assist families.

We also want to inspire researchers by giving neuroblastoma 'a face' through the families. And we are there for the healthcare professionals who come into contact with neuroblastoma families. We also want to support them where necessary.


How it started