A lot of good research is needed to bring a cure for neuroblastoma closer. To achieve this, Villa Joep initiates and (co-)finances groundbreaking research in the Netherlands and Belgium. We focus on research that ultimately will improve the treatment of young patients.


Different types of research

Whereas in the early years the concept of neuroblastoma was limited, fundamental DNA research has now yielded a great deal of knowledge. Based on this, many perspectives are created for more applied research into compounds that could eventually contribute to the cure of neuroblastoma. Villa Joep invests in four types of research:

  • basic genetic research
  • investigation of immunotherapies
  • translational research into epigenetic medicine
  • (pre)clinical research into new medicines.


Independent assessment of research proposals

For the independent assessment of the research proposals submitted to Villa Joep on medical and scientific value, we are in contact with the German professor Matthias Fischer. Matthias Fischer is internationally regarded as an expert in the field of experimental pediatric oncology. He is affiliated with the Center for Molecular Medicine at the Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne.

Matthias Fischer coordinates the scientific assessment process of the project applications received by Villa Joep. In addition, several oncologists and scientists specialized in neuroblastoma are asked for their opinion on the project proposal in order to arrive at a balanced assessment. For each application, the scientists and physicians look at ten aspects. For example, how it can contribute to the fight against neuroblastoma, innovation, possible risks, feasibility and scientific quality. Based on the final advice of Matthias Fischer, the board of Villa Joep decides which research projects will be sponsored.


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